Ghosts of Zaddikim, The Afterlife, and how this system works

Tue, 11/15/2016 - 22:57

if you ever doubted life after death, you should look into the research done by our forefathers on this topic, below, enjoy...

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Iggeret HaKodesh, middle of Epistle 27

והנה, בהיות הצדיק חי על פני האדמה, היו שלש מדות אלו בתוך כלי ולבוש שלהם

Now, while the tzaddik was alive on earth, these three attributes were contained in their vessel and garment

בבחינת מקום גשמי, שהיא בחינת נפש הקשורה בגופו

on the plane of physical space, this being the aspect of the Nefesh which is bound to his body.

וכל תלמידיו אינם מקבלים רק הארת מדות אלו, וזיון

During his lifetime his disciples all receive only a reflection of these attributes, and a ray from them

המאיר חוץ לכלי זה, על ידי דבוריו ומחשבותיו הקדושים

that radiates beyond this vessel (i.e., the tzaddik’s body) by means of his holy utterances and thoughts.

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