Hanukkah 5776

Mon, 12/14/2015 - 16:27

Hanukkah in Hebrew is spelled: חנוכה

Het = ח = 8

נ = Nun = נרות = stands for the word Nerot = candles in Hebrew

ו = Vav = veh = "And" alludes to the Shamash: ו-שמש

8 Nerot Ve-Shamash - all things additional in Hebrew start with the Veh---(and)---...of the Vav.

The Vav stands tall, as a single line, (like a candle) in the middle of the Hebrew word for Hanukkah:  חנ-ו-כה

& Nun + Vav = 56 in gematria which equals 7 original Menorah candles x 8 miraculous nights = 56

כה = kaf + hey = 25 in gematria, the hebrew date for Hanukkah

25 of Kislev

so in the word of Hanukkah, you have an acronym for the whole holiday

8 Candles and a Shamash to light in the Menorah on the 25th

ח' נ'רות ו'שמש כ'ה כסלו

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