Love and Fear of God

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 17:17

(...when you read & listen to this, always keep in mind that G-D continueously speaks to us through information input, coming through your eyes:::::situations, text, speach, history, and reality::::::now, before your time, and always:::::::literally between your eyes, in front of your face...because It is as close to You as You is the collective Us as well as the Individual You...and you, me, us, are all It, and It is just Infinite Permutations of a Single One.)

the Midah of Yakov is of Rachmanus, Tiferet.

One kind of "love and fear" is born out of the understanding of G-Ds greatness, and the contemplation of those subjects that bring to a l love and fear of G-D,

and the other type of Love & Fear, is the one that comes from above in the form of a gift from G-D, 

no comparison between the "love & fear" that is born from human inteligence, to the "love & fear" that comes directly from the Creator.


* Cohen is Hesed == Avraham == Aharon (protected by Arch Angel Michael who gave Sarah the news that she was going to be a mom to Issac at 90)

* Levy is Gvura == Izhak (protected by Arch Angel Gabriel, minister of Justice who destroyed Sdom)

* Yisrael is Tiferet == Yaakov (protected by Arch Angel Rafael, minister of Compassion, Refua, who brought health after Abraham's Brit)


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