Zohar Yitro - Bless your Shabbat Table so that the rest of your week days will be blessed

Mon, 01/29/2018 - 17:24

Therefore, he who has attained the level of faith must prepare a table and a meal on Shabbat eve so that his table may be blessed all through the other six days. For at that time, blessing is prevalent for all the six week days, for blessing cannot dwell on an empty table. Therefore, one should make ready the table on Shabbat eve with bread and other foods.

Rabbi Yitzhak said: Also on Shabbat day. Rabbi Yehudaadded: One must enjoy himself on this day and eat three meals, in order that there will be satisfaction and pleasure in the world on that day.

Rabbi Aba explained that [the reason behind those three meals is] in order that blessings may spread to the supernal days that receive their blessing from that day. On this day the head of Zeir Anpin is filled with the dew which descends from the most hidden Atika Kadisha. He causes it to descend into the Chakal Tapuchin Kadishin three times after the entrance of the Shabbat, in order that all may enjoy the blessing.[Consciousness flows from Atika to bina to Zeir Anpin and from there to malchut and all those who keep Shabbat in this world].

Therefore, a man should enjoy these three times, for therein depends the true faith, in Atika Kadisha, in Zeir Anpin and Chakal Tapuchin Kadishin. He who lessens the number of the meals exposes a blemish into the regions above, and his punishment will be great.

Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the table with three meals after the entrance of the Shabbat, and his table must not be empty. Thus, blessing will rest upon it during all the other week days, for therein depends the true faith above.


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