What is the purpose of creation?

Thu, 12/17/2015 - 08:20

Why did God create man and woman?

Why did God create good and bad?

Why did God create light and darkness?

Why did God create the universe?

Why did God create this world and everything in it?

Why does the pact between God and man, rest on the tip of a human male's penis?




So that man can be a contributing partner in creation.



Before anything, He was alone. (In a dimension above time, space, & comprehension, He is still alone). And then a spark was born in His mind. To go from "alone" to "together", from nothing to something, from 0 to 1, from empty to full, from dark to light, from concept to physical, He first had to create a vessel that could contain His thoughts.

The first thought which materialized into creation, was Love.

Without love, nothing could exist. Why is this?

God had to love the idea of creation in order to act on it.

God had to love Himself to be able to love anything else.

When God realized that love by Himself is selfish, He decided that love needs to be shared. At this very critical moment, God began to create everything

Everything is born from a seed.

The moment the idea to seed, gets acted upon, and the desire becomes action, creation is born and spiritual non-physical concepts can materialize.

If nothing is done with a lovely idea it becomes a waste.

If something wasteful is done intentionally it becomes evil, and this is where good seperates from bad.

When that evil comes with pleasure, and it becomes difficult to resist, it tries to pull back to selfishness and loneliness...this is where choosing to overcome evil with love brings the greatest and ultimate reward, life itself.

This is easy to grasp by looking at ourselves, whom are made in the image of God the creator...

Woman was created for Man to love. When man seeds a woman with love, the reward of life is given and a pure innocent baby is born.

If man decides to waste his seed, for his own selfish desires or pleasures, such as masturbation or prostitution, he denies the potential of making love into creation. A waste. 

When man causes harm to another by intentionally wasting, such as adultary, God forbid, then evil is created. 

This is why the covenant between God and man is in the curcumsission of the tip of the penis. It is at the place where the concept of love transforms through pleasure, to the beginning of physical life, that God asks us to make the choice between good and bad, selfish or unselfish, for if God had chosen to be selfish, we would not exist and He would have kept His idea of creation, and His seed to His self.

The fact that we fall and choose bad, and still exist, is because of His great mercy, but explaining His mercy is a different topic.

When man, a creation of God, chooses by free will, to do good over bad, it fullfills the purpose of creation itself, it satisfies the creation and the creator, they become partners, they become One.









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